Speech Polishing
For all types of public speaking, including interviewing, keynotes, conferences and wedding speeches

Body Language 101
Have you ever watched a video of your speech and thought why did I do that with my hands? Why does my head tilt like that? You are not alone. Learn body awareness and breathing exercises to discover your unconscious physical habits and move with purpose

Customer Service Glow Up
Make sure your team accurately represents your company’s brand.
Review body language, eye contact and vocal dynamic exercises to create 5 star customer service experiences

Speak with purpose
Become a crystal clear communicator whether you’re on the phone with clients or face to face
Learn to recognize your ‘go to’ filler words (so, um, ah, like etc) and speak with passion and energy

Virtual teaching
Learn how to wipe out the monotone and keep your students engaged with dynamic vocal inflection. Turn reading dry material on its head with your inspiring and energetic voice